A. About youtradeworld.com

Youtradeworld.com started operating under Shanghai Samuel Consultancy Company Ltd in the year 2021. Our mission is to promote easy and convenience for worldwide buyers and suppliers while at the same time offering consultancy services to registered companies on the scientific and modern ways to grow and expand their businesses through research into niche and existing markets. We provide information about companies, their products and contact detail to pave way for customers to reach out to them easily for efficient, faster and safe transactions.  

Youtradeworld.com is neither a vendor nor a supplier. Every product on our website is provided by registered suppliers. For the safety and security of transactions, registered suppliers are verified before allowing them to advertise their products on our website.

Shipping is not our mean duty for now. However, we offer shipping services to only buyers who have agreed with their suppliers to cooperate with our shipping partners for foreign trade and logistic services. If you could cooperate with us for shipping services please feel free to contact us.

Youtradeworld.com operates under Shanghai Samuel Consultancy Company Ltd. which has its headquarters in Shanghai, China.

B. Login and Sign up

You can register as our buyer member by creating an account with us for the first time of joining for free. Register now. After registration, a member only needs to login with the user ID and password in subsequent visits to the website. Login now.

Please contact us, we will help you to find it.

Please enter the email address currently associated with your youtradeworld.com account to reset your password. Please click here to request a new password.
The email may take up to a few minutes to arrive. If you don’t receive an email, please check your spam folder or try again. Make sure the email address you entered is correct. If you still do not receive the email, Please contact us for assistance.

A user can only register one account at a time as a member on our website.

Members can only use one email address to register an account at a time on our website. If your current email address has already been used and a pop up message appears which confirms that your email address has been used already during registration, please use another email address to register. 

Make sure that the user ID and the Password are correct. Please note that the password is case-sensitive. If you forget your password, click here to reset your login information. If you still cannot login, please contact us.

C. Contacting Suppliers

There are three methods to contact suppliers.

  1. Contacting suppliers by chatting online.
    After you find the right product on youtradeworld.com, you can contact suppliers by typing messages in the “type here” dialogue box at the “send message” section and finally click on “submit”. Suppliers may respond to you if they are available online or may respond to you later.
  2. Contacting suppliers through email. You can also reach out to suppliers by sending email to them. This is done by filling out your details at “contact supplier” section and finally click on “send message” button. Contact supplier now.
  3. Direct contact. You can also directly contact suppliers after viewing their contact details at the “click to view” section.

D. Trading Safety Tips

Suppliers on youtradeworld.com are audited before allowing them to advertise on our website. However buyers could also request for the Business Information Report from the suppliers to further enhance trust and maximum security for transactions.

Youtradeworld.com is highly concerned about the security and protection of buyers and customer. We therefore provide the platform for buyers and customers to evaluate the performance of their suppliers anytime they want to log out from the website through a pop up form that appears on the screen. This helps us to filter out suppliers on monthly basis after investigation. The confidentiality of the personal details of customers who register their complaints is assured.

Buyers could request for the kind of Quality Inspection Services suppliers use before deciding to transact business with them. Buyers are advised to demand for this service because it helps to minimize procurement risk in international trade before goods are shipped.